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The Fascinating World of Gaya

Always up and running for you and your friends!

CoCreate Your Own Bank

We are awekening from Zero Point - Our server will be equipped with the cutting-edge, high-tech mods. Enjoy the sense of being a creator and change the surrounding world to your liking by putting to use all of your skills.

Alan Watts ~ The Hypocrisy Around Money

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Let Your Imagination Run World!

Unleash your creative potential and architecting skills. Use unique tools that will allow you to make true masterpieces from information building and connect your business, protect and feel how already we change the future, give your self the best source of information, that will be verified and implemented into new application where you will be able to learn and develope your new skills.

A Great Variety of Mods

Get a new perspective online for your favorite bank. 

Enjoy all kinds of advanced and exciting opportunities by using mods.

Buy btcz and share it with your business partners, invest like saving of your children, and be creative! The world is your! But you need to act!

Magical Armor

An armor suit doesn't only provide protection for You but also has magical properties. For example, a money (fiat currency $ € etc) that You save from the time you was kid, or maybe for your kid, with us can turn into useful stuff in addition to its initial purpose of investing.

So many kids including and me, before 25 years ago, are lost their saving because of centralization and Government non responsability, then our State was supressed and today what you was earn tomorrow was have almost no value, and so on.. from day to day, from year to year, we are witnessing disaster in our world, lot of people who was early have stability and great vision for future, because of geo politics was destroyed, and fiat currency was denominated and this people and today still suffer to recover they financial statement.

  • When you create an account you are generating a cryptographic set of numbers: your private key and your public key (address).
  • The handling of your keys happens entirely on your computer, inside your browser.
  • We never transmit, receive or store your private key, password, or other account information.
  • We do not charge a holding fee, but transaction fee exist and are very small.
  • You are simply using our interface to interact directly with the blockchain.
  • If you send your public key (address) to someone, they can send you crypto or tokens. 👍
  • If you send your private key to someone, they now have full control of your account. 👎

New Types of Weapons

- Backup your wallet in many locations
- Store big amount of coins in cold wallets in anonymous addresses
- Don't give / send anyone your private keys. Private keys needs to be secured. You can recover your wallets. If you give or send anyone your private key please consider it as a red flag and quickly move your coins to other address.
  • We allow you to interact directly with the blockchain while remaining in full control of your keys & your funds.
  • You and only you are responsible for your security.

Dirigible - BitcoinZ is Bitcoin 2.0

- Started on 9th September 2017
- Bitcoin technology
- Anonymous transactions (zk-SNARKs privacy)
- Algo: Equihash (similar to Bitcoin Gold, always GPU mining - we promote decentralization in mining)
- Max supply 21B coins
- Current supply: 12500 coins every 2.5 minutes
- Current block size is similar to BCC/BCH (BTCZ = 2MB every 2.5 mins ~ BCC/BCH = 8MB every 10 min)
- Core fork. Not Blockchain fork.

All contributors are volunteers
- Big blocks -> blocks are similar to BCC / BCH

  • When you open an account with a bank or exchange, they create an account for you in their system.
  • The bank keeps track of your personal information, account passwords, balances, transactions and ultimately your money.
  • The bank charge fees to manage your account and provide services, like refunding transactions when your card gets stolen.
  • The bank allows you to write a check or charge your debit card to send money, go online to check your balance, reset your password, and get a new debit card if you lose it.
  • You have an account with the bank or exchange and they decide how much money you can send, where you can send it, and how long to hold on a suspicious deposit. All for a fee.

Funny Stuff

Our community is active and we are always developing.
You can follow us in social networks, on the forum, as well as Slack.

- Don't keep your coins in exchanges - always store your coins in your wallet
- You own coins when you have access to private key of your address. Check your public address (taddr) balance in explorers
- Backup your wallet in many locations
- Store big amount of coins in cold wallets in anonymous addresses
- Don't trust anyone. Don't forget about Exchanges / other sites collapse in history
- Don't give / send anyone your private keys. Private key is the only thing you need to own your address coins. If you give or send anyone your private key please consider it as a red flag and quickly move your coins to other address
- Make sure you don't have any malware / viruses. A lot of them are looking for wallet.dat file. Wallet is not encrypted. Run wallet only on clean system with antivirus software installed.
- You use all service at your own risk. We don't guarantee anything. All listed services here are just for info purpose.
- Read external resources about security

  • The blockchain is like a huge, global, decentralized spreadsheet.
  • It keeps track of who sent how many coins to whom, and what the balance of every account is.
  • It is stored and maintained by thousands of people (miners) across the globe who have special computers.
  • The blocks in the blockchain are made up of all the individual transactions sent from MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Exodus, Mist, Geth, Parity, and everywhere else.
  • When you see your balance or view your transactions, you are seeing data on the blockchain, not in our personal systems.
  • Again: we are not a bank, but You are, for the first of your time, you have that power! Use it smart, make it grow, with simple transfers and unlimited possibilities!


Our goal is to port all best free software on the market to be able to use in BitcoinZ.
Immutable params:
- max supply
- inflation
- only POW algo - we may change Equihash algo to other POW algo to prevent ASIC miners
- new features are allowed to improve usage / scalability, but we will never change history (ETH/ETC case)
Because we need you to understand that we cannot...
  • Access your account or send your funds for you X.
  • Recover or change your private key.
  • Recover or reset your password.
  • Reverse, cancel, or refund transactions.
  • Freeze accounts.
You and only you are responsible for your security.
  • Be diligent to keep your private key and password safe. Your private key is sometimes called your mnemonic phrase, keystore file, UTC file, JSON file, wallet file.
  • If you lose your private key or password, no one can recover it.
  • If you enter your private key on a phishing website, you will have all your funds taken.


  • Algo: Equihash (always GPU mining - we promote decentralization in mining)
  • Max supply 21B coins
  • Current supply: 12,500 coins every 2.5 minutes
  • Current block size is similar to BCC/BCH (BTCZ = 2MB every 2.5 mins ~ BCC/BCH = 8MB every 10 min)
  • Because that is the point of decentralization and the blockchain.
  • You don't have to rely on your bank, government, or anyone else when you want to move your funds.
  • You don't have to rely on the security of an exchange or bank to keep your funds safe.
  • If you don't find these things valuable, ask yourself why you think the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are valuable. 😉
  • If you don't like the sound of this, consider using crypto instead fiat for saving small sums.
  • If you are scared but want to use online or paper storage, get a hardware wallet! These keep your keys secure.

Creepers anonymity

All transactions are completely anonymous.

Our wallet is compatible with Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

We listen to our dear community, so we can succeed.

BitcoinZ is focused on organic growth.

  • Install BTCZ Wallet EAL or MetaMask or Cryptonite by Metacert or the MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension to block malicious websites.
  • Always check the URL: https://www.myetherwallet.com, www.btcz.rocks etc,
  • Always make sure the URL bar has MYETHERWALLET INC in green.
  • Do not trust messages or links sent to you randomly via email, Slack, Reddit, Twitter, etc.
  • Always navigate directly to a site before you enter information. Do not enter information after clicking a link from a message or email.
  • Install an AdBlocker and do not click ads on your search engine (e.g. Google).
  • If it is too good to be true, it probably is (Do not buy an Trade account with trade robot, do not invest in something where they ask you to send first money and then you will double it, do not buy product if they do not offer some tokens or cryptocurrency for exchange of goods), be smart. (this is excluded and only excluded for cryptocurrency holders, who have their funds in their wallet)
  • Research before sending money to someone or some project. Look for information on a variety of websites and forums. Be wary.
  • Ask questions when you don't understand something or it doesn't seem right.
  • Don't let fear, FUD, or FOMO win over common sense. If something is very urgent, ask yourself "why?". It may be to create FOMO or prevent you from doing research.
  • Only and only thing what we als world will have in common is to operate freely from monetary system already implemented, because it was centralized and involved with geo politics, now you have time to reach your maximum storing a coins for future use, and risk your saving for a price you deserve.


  2. As a miner you should not use the biggest pools to follow main principles.
  3. Easy to mine
  4. Equihash algorithm. Equihash is a memory-hard problem, more suited to general-purpose computers with lots of memory than to special hardware chips. ... "Since Equihash is based on a fundamental computer science problem, advances in Equihash mining algorithms will benefit computer science in general," added Biryukov.
  5. Decentralized Exchanges The need to trust an intermediary or third party with your money is an obvious weak point in the cryptosphere and in a fundamental sense, cryptocurrencies cannot achieve their ideological purpose of decentralization without decentralizing exchanges. If one is required to trust centralized, traditional businesses in order to buy or spend cryptocurrencies, then money has not been disintermediated. If, on the other hand, money can be traded directly between counterparties, a key aspect of the ecosystem is no longer at risk from third parties.
  6. 21 billion coins! Everyone in the world can have at least one BTCZ! The majority of crypto-based exchanges have centralized components. Network and computer power is centralized in regional servers. This interaction requires trust in the exchange and Know Your Client (KYC: providing a third party with your ID) submissions are usually mandatory. If something happens to the exchange, your funds are at risk and sometimes even completely lost. The fall of Mt. Gox and BTCE are just two examples of what would become many. Indeed, intrusions are still going on today with Coincheck Exchange being hacked recently, but this is not the only issue. Due to the record breaking influx of new customers in the recent months, exchanges have often ceased sign ups for new customers without warning.

  • Make a backup of your private key and password. Do NOT just store it on your computer. Print it out on a piece of paper or save it to a USB drive.
  • Store this paper or USB drive in a different physical location. A backup is not useful if it is destroyed by a fire or flood along with your laptop.
  • Do not store your private key in Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage. If that account is compromised, your funds will be stolen.
  • If you have more than 1-week's worth of pay worth of cryptocurrency, get a hardware wallet. No excuses. It's worth it. I promise.


 Make it possible for you to set up player roles on the server. You'll be able to determine what things players can and can't change in the game's world.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop once users can finally register for the platform; centralized exchanges have been known to reduce withdrawal limits without warning, suffer from unscheduled downtime, and experience other technical difficulties that prevent traders from accessing them. Centralized exchanges can act like a monolithic, totalitarian government, demanding high prices to get a coin listed or delisting coins for arbitrary reasons without warning, causing price crashes and profit loss as well as halting transactions completely if their centralized system cannot cope with demand. Most recently this happened to CEX.IO.

The capacity for an exchange to cope with demand is vital if downtime is to be avoided. In most cases, the profits centralized exchanges earn from trading fees goes back to the exchange to cover running costs and into their profits. However, despite the millions some exchanges take in on a daily basis, they are frequently unable to scale quickly enough to prevent downtime from occurring when they are overloaded with users. The problem is not money however, it’s centralisation. The very nature of centralized infrastructure and service provision leads to downtime and no amount of money will solve this quickly enough to keep up with demand. Clearly, the restrictive centralized model of “one size fits all” does not work.

However, there is another system of trading. This system utilizes something called atomic swaps. An atomic swap is the exchange of one cryptocurrency directly for another cryptocurrency without the need to trust a third-party or to rely on IOUs. Atomic swaps use a system called hash time-locked contracts (HTLCs). This system allows both parties to trade their cryptocurrency directly with each other without having to trust one another or a third party. You can read more about the technical intricacies here, but to summ arize atomic swaps are an effective way of removing trust from the equation and thus make trading cryptocurrency a lot safer. More importantly, it addresses the ultimate goal and philosophy of cryptocurrency, freedom from centralized financial entities.

On most centralized exchanges, the profits go back to the exchanges. How can the crypto ecosystem, that is supposed to represent economic freedom with no central banks or entities, be what it claims to be when centralised exchanges are used as the primary method of trade? Imagine a worst case scenario. What if one day, the centralized exchanges are all shut down by mass government decree by freezing the assets and profits of the exchanges? Not only would the exchange lose access to their funds but you would lose access to your own funds as well, through no fault of your own. The single biggest point of weakness in the crypto ecosystem are centralized exchanges. But what if an exchange had no central point? What if your currency was not held by a central entity or third party and thus would always be under your control? What if you could trade wallet to wallet in any cryptocurrency without first sending it to a third party exchange? What if the profits were not centralized but instead distributed to those helping support the services around the world so they could not be taken by a government? This is what decentralized exchange can offer.

Since our technology essentially makes you your own exchange, here are some tips on how to keep your money safe.

  • Any awesome team will never ask for your private keys or coins. Do not get fooled by impersonators.
  • Always move your coins from centralized exchanges to your private wallet.
  • Use a long and random password.
  • Set up 2FA on logins and any withdrawals.
  • Make sure your stored emails do not contain any extra information such as passwords or social security numbers.
  • Use different email addresses where possible. This limits the ability for hackers to run their automated "Forgot my password" links.
  • Online Activity / Personal Information Disclosure. Do not promote your coin count etc online.
  • Limit your online public persona. This can attract unwanted attention which can make you a target.
  • Disable any online accounts you no longer use.
  • Assume hacking groups are building up social profiles on yourself. Your interests, time you are usually online, who you interact with.
  • Do not open random links and files provided in Slack, etc.
  • Do not fall for sob stories (Boohoo I lost all my coins) without proper due diligence.
  • Take multiple backups of your private keys regularly.
  • Verify backup by importing keys to the client.
  • Store your backups in paper format if possible.
  • Use dedicated wallet / staking PC and make it your safe haven. DO NOT USE IT FOR ANY OTHER ONLINE ACTIVITIES.
  • Encrypt your hard drives.
  • Use open source where possible.
  • Keep your software updated.
  • Do not install software from unknown 3rd party actors.
  • Use network level segmentation and mitigate attack surface against your wallet PC.


for any donation we will give you 10 consulting.codes per unit

So you donate 1 to 50$ you get from 1 to 500 consulting codes.

VIP donator– $150 you get 1000 consulting codes

Moderator donator – $250 2500 consultingcodes

Creator donator – $500 or more 5000 consulting.codes

God donator – $5000 - 1.000.000 consulting codes

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